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Meet our authors #5

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Dene October Chapter 14: Between Sound and Vision: Low and Sense


A few words on the Doctor Who and History book

Doctor Who & History

Doctor Who and the Never Ending Story

BADeneThe writers of Doctor Who and History focus on a different aspect of history as it expressed thematically in the show. Dene October looks at the programme’s depiction of thirteenth century explorer, Marco Polo.

Marco Polo is in the fourth serial of the show, and not only the first historical proper, it is sadly the first ‘lost’ story. Dene explores the decision to present the story of the Doctor and his companions, whose characters we as viewers are still learning about, through the observation and narrative focus of the renowned Venetian explorer.

“That decision has implications not only for how the camera treats its subjects, but also for the how the travelogue situates the audience as fellow travellers and historians,” he says.

The serial’s quirky narrative style also mirrors the Polo’s journey across Asia.

“The stories have always reflected the odd process of…

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