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Marco Polo (Black Archive) Reviews

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Dene October Chapter 14: Between Sound and Vision: Low and Sense


Currently believed wiped, you would be forgiven for thinking that any analytic study focusing on this sprawling adventure would be a bit short of things to talk about. Yet, this volume leaves the reader far more enlightened than they were before. So, what is going on? Do Obverse Books have a secret copy of ‘Marco Polo’? The answer is simple … Dene October, provides an in-depth discussion of the source material, and heavily references the travelogues of Marco Polo himself. Christian Cawley, Hero Collector

In possibly the greatest coup in Black Archive history, we have sourced something potentially unique – and it’s the author! Obverse Books

Obverse Books has pulled off quite a coup with the latest volume of The Black Archive – author, Dene October is in the possibly unique position of having seen Marco Polo not once, but twice, on broadcast! […] a physical copy will set you back just £4.99, and trust is when we say it’s more than worth it! Doctor Who Companion

Marco Polo (Black Archive) by Dene October.

In the first episode  the Doctor’s spaceship is abducted. ‘How does it move?’ its thief demands to know, mistaking the TARDIS for a caravan. ‘Through the air’, answers Ian. This conversation parallels the serial’s real-life transmission through the media of television, the magic doorway through which the audience steps into the future and past. OBVERSE BOOKS AMAZON UK



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